11 Must-See Documentaries That Will Inspire You Today

Documentaries are films that provide you with factual evidence on certain topics. Educating yourself on issues that affect you and others, is a great start, in maintaining freedom. If you are looking to be inspired, educated and have an open mind, making an effort to watch the full length of the eleven documentaries within the first 2 months of viewing this blog post.

These are eleven must-see documentaries that can change your outlook on the world. We have included eleven different topics for a well-rounded view on issues. The first documentary listed (Dakota 38) you can watch the full film now, for free. Click on the picture to start the movie.


1. DAKOTA 38 – Directed by Silas Hagerty

 Watch for free: Smooth Feather Productions


2. Minimalism – Directed by Matt D’Avella

 Watch on: Amazon / Google Play


3. In a Perfect World – Directed By Daphne McWilliams

Watch on: Amazon / Showtime


4. Happy – Directed By Roko Belic

Watch on: Amazon / Google Play


5. Searching For The Sugar Man – Malik Bendjelloul

 Watch on: Amazon / Google Play


6. Unity – Directed By Shaun Monson

 Watch on: Amazon / Google Play


7. Fallen – Directed By Thomas Marchese

 Watch on: Amazon / Google Play


8. Crime After Crime – Directed By Yoav Potash

 Watch on: Amazon / Google Play


9. I Am – Directed By Tom Shadyac

 Watch on: Amazon / Google Play


10. The True Cost – Directed By Andrew Morgan

 Watch on: Amazon / Google Play


11. Food Inc – Directed By Robert Kenner

 Watch on: Amazon / Google Play

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Did you watch the free documentary listed, Dakota 38? It’s a moving documentary with a powerful message.

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